Environmental Engineering & Science

IRWA – Distinguished Service Award – Member of the Year Award

Chapter 38 is pleased to announce Jan Burnell as the recipient of the Member of the Year Award for her distinguished service to our chapter. This award was unanimously given to Jan on behalf of the Chapter 38 board for her exceptional leadership and devoted education service to our chapter. Jan was presented this award during the Region 9 Caucus at the IRWA 65th Annual International Education Conference this past June 9, 2019.

Jan has been instrumental in organizing our Chapter 38 course schedule to fit the needs of each chapter member to ensure we are successful in obtaining our individual designations. This has been a daunting task and Jan has excelled with this endeavor, and our chapter now has courses planned for the rest of this calendar year (2019) and next year (2020). Her goal is to have our three-year course schedule completed by December 2019.

Jan has been supported by an amazing employer, Wasatch Environmental, and her manager, Julie Kilgore, who has also helped us with her support of Jan though all her efforts. We sincerely appreciate the support and dedication from both Jan and Julie.

Please take a moment and congratulate Jan for all her hard work for and on behalf of our chapter.